What is the better religion of the five major religion?

Expert Answers
Stanton Winder eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is important to refine this question in order to properly answer it. One must ask "better in what way"? It is true that all religions have seen transformations in lives if that is the yardstick by which you measure. In that sense one could argue that they are the same. Some would argue that all religions lead to the same God and therefore can only be evaluated in how they lead to that God. But the problem with this statement is that there are distinct differences between the God of the Christian, Muslim, or Hindu. They all see God in quite different ways. The answer to your question can only be found in answering a number of other questions such as: Which belief system coincides with the truth? What is truth?. Is there one true God? If there is only one true God, how has he communicated to us so that we can know him? Perhaps this will lead you towards an answer for your question. Along the way, you may very well find one religion that seems to best answer your questions?

krishna-agrawala | Student

It is a sensitive question, to which rhere can be no objective answer devoid of subjective feelings and values.

So I am only stating my subjective belief. I believe that Hinduism is the best religion for me. But I must clarify that my religious teachers forbid me from calling other religions better or worse than mine.

bijal1986 | Student

We cannot say which religion is better than other.. But i can say all religions have same meaning.. but we humans j have divided them into religions caste and cree.. all religions have one main aim that is to help poor and never lies and to give charity and do fasting  and respect elders and god.

in christain also christains give charity from their home. hindus also give charity from their home. jains also give charity. buddhists also give charity. muslims also give charity. jews also give charity. it means the name of religions are different but the work is same. we have made rules of the religion. there are so many same examples in all religion when you will look deeply in their activities. all religions have  fasting rules of near about 30 to 40 days. all religions help poors and teach us good values.