What is better Coke or Pepsi?  Please explain why.

hermy27 | Student

I am going to have to agree with StephanieRR.  When it comes to non-cola offerings, Coke products are far superior.  Barq's far outshines Mug, Sprite is tastier than 7-up, and Cherry Coke is just the best thing ever.  However, Pepsi is a smoother cola, so I would rather choose a Pepsi over a Coke if I am in the mood for a straight cola.

StephanieRR | Student

In general, I prefer coke products over Pepsi products, because the flavors taste stronger to me in, for example, cherry Coke versus cherry Pepsi. However, if you are strictly asking about straight Coke versus straight Pepsi, I prefer Pepsi. Pepsi has a smoother taste to it which allows the actual flavor to come through, even though it is usually too mild. Coke feels way too acidic when it isn't paired with another flavor, so my senses get focused on the bite of the soda rather than the taste.

ayy-dee | Student

maybe pepsi also but coke is better!!!!

ayy-dee | Student

Coke!!! :)

loraaa | Student

FOR ME: no thing  ^_^