what is the best way to teach SAT 1 critical reading?I already know and taught them the basic strategies but i'm looking for more effective and detailed strategies.

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Students need a lot of practice with released questions or sample questions. They also need direct instruction and specific strategies for approaching the problems. They will become more confident with rules to follow and more practice on the question types.
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Here is how I teach it and it has helped me greatly.

1. Skim the passage first for general impressions.

2. Read the questions.

3. Go back to passage and read the context of where the answer is found. To be safe, one should read two sentence before and two sentences after. This is what I mean by context.

This simple strategy works well, because it saves time and forces one to look carefully at the passage. If a person tries to read the passage really well at first, they will still need to go back to the passage later. This wastes time. So, skimming the passage and reading carefully only what you need make sense when there are time constraints.

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I have tried a few things myself. Here are a few ideas:

Give students a highligher and two pencils.

1. Teach them to highlight key words in the paragraphs.

2. Teach them to read the question first.

3. Look for the key words from the answers in the paragraph so that they can eliminate other impertinent information

4. eliminate false answers by finding valid information.

5. teach them to highlight valid information based on what they've found so far.

6. try to find sentences that match what is in the answers.

Those are a few. Hope it helps.