What is the best way of studying chemistry?This may be a stupid question, but there seems to be a particular way to answer chem questions that i just don't get. Help me..?

profdano | Student

The "best" way to study chemistry will depend on you. Different people learn material by various ways and at various speeds. Ask yourself this question...how have I learned things in the past? What methods did you use? What worked best in those past situations? As a teacher I can say that one key element of learning any subject is time. In other words, you must allow yourself sufficient time to absorb the material. How much time, of course, depends on you and your background. Learning is all about exposure to the topic at hand. Depending upon your past exposure to the subject, you may find that you must put in additional time to master it. There are a few tried and true basics when it comes to learning: make a study schedule and stick to it, study at the same time of day everyday, study at the same physical location every day, create an atmosphere conducive to learning, ie. a quiet place with minimal noise. Attend class regularly, take notes, read the material before going to class, and form a study group. Many students report that informal study groups really help them learn the material. You have a tendency to be more relaxed in these groups and learning is accelerated. Good Luck!

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