what is the best way to study physics?i am studing physics,so that's why i need some guidence.

kwakye102 | Student

Try to read textbooks, and if you are not the reading type, i will advice you try searching the internet for more information. Also try to study on your own leisure time and ask you teacher about stuff you don't understand. Remember this" to be succesful in class you need to be a step ahead{"...Have fun with Physics because it is just like Algebra on some occasions.


ps.I'm a freshman in High school who has been doing Physics since 8th grade, so i know what i am saying...

Wiggin42 | Student

As my physics teacher said, " Guys, actually read your textbook. " Physics textbooks are written in a perfect way to make you fall asleep. The seemingly random figures don't help very much until you figure out the arcane labeling method your particular textbook decided to do. 

I found it helpful to look online for the student companion and read other simpler textbooks to supplement my class one. Almost all the labs you do in class already have formal write-ups online. These online write-ups may not be exactly what you did; but that's okay! They are great reference points to start from. 

savlasanyam | Student

The best way is that you ave to do all in laboratary


senioreeto | Student
try to explore ur topic related to physics in internet,and jst try to take the concept of physics by finding objects u studied in physics around u and most importantly,question everything
chrisyhsun | Student

Besides the tips above about reading up on the information through different ways depending on what sticks with you (textbook versus other online resources), I think the best way to study physics is to aim for understanding, not memorization. In a subject with a heavy emphasis on problem-solving such as physics, merely being able to spew out the formulas will only get you so far. You’ll be able to ace the questions similar in format to the ones you have already seen, but you’ll most likely find it much more difficult to solve new problems because you’ve been trained to go through certain steps and apply certain formulas along the way.

Therefore, I think the best thing you can do is as you learn the concepts and formulas, make sure you understand why something is what it is. Push yourself to be more curious and ask questions. Truly knowing a formula means that even if you have doubts about where two of the variables are placed, you’ll probably be able to reason through it because you know what each component of the formula does. With this deeper understanding of the subject, you’ll not only be able to solve the problems you have seen before, but you’ll be better prepared to apply the concepts and formulas you have learned to new problems because your knowledge is more adaptable.

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