what is the best way to find the measurement of a side of a triangle?

pramodpandey | Student

In my opinion ,use trignometry to measure side of trianle as accurate as you desire provided you know measure of at least two angles of triangle.

You can use these two law which is best applicable.

First  sine law.

`(sinA)/a=(sinB)/b=(sinC)/c`    and

second  cosine law

`a^2=b^2+c^2-2bc cosA`

where lower case represent measure of side and upper case rep. angle.

westa2 | Student

You can measure the sides of a triangle using several tools: centimeter ruler, inch ruler, meter stick, yard stick, etc. It depends soley on personal preference and the scale of the triangle you are measuring. If you meant to ask how to measure the the angles made by the the sides of a triangle, you would use a protractor.