What is the best way to achieve a lucid dream?

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lucid dreaming is a fascinating aspect of REM sleep.  A person can learn to achieve lucid dreaming with practice.  Personally, I have been able to induce lucid dreams since childhood.  Children are able to lucid dream with much more ease than adults.  Since I encouraged this type of dream rather than discouraged it, I can still have lucid dreams.  Most people can learn to create a lucid dream, but it will take a lot of practice.  The key to lucid dreaming is to be able to realize that you are dreaming.  The easiest way for me is to force myself to stay conscious as I fall asleep.  I realize that I am falling asleep but I keep myself aware rather than letting my consciousness drift.  Some people create a tick or a sign that allows them to realize they are dreaming.  They select an action, like looking at a watch or glancing at the side walk, and see if they can notice a difference between how it should appear and how it does.  Sometime this type of action can trigger the realization that one is asleep.  Find something you can notice each time you dream that will activate your brain enough to realize you are asleep.  Again, this process takes a lot of practice.

anniekan | Student

This is a very interesting field! Lucid dreams, as you know is dreaming, but knowing that you are dreaming.  You are able to achieve a lucid dream midst the dream, when you notice that your dream isn't reality.  You are able to change what you are able to do in your dream, knowing any 'physical damage' is done to you in you dream, isn't real.  You then wake up and know that you are in bed.  You can do this by remembering your previous dreams, thinking about it.  You can also try to imagine what you would like to do in your next dream, for example flying.  You would imagine you, flying.  These are just few steps to achieve lucid dreams.  Have fun! :) I personally can occationally remember dreams, and control some of my dreams.  Try it out and you will see!