What are the best themes in Lord of the Flies that I could write about in a newspaper article about this story?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting activity you have been asked to complete, because I don't think a newspaper editor would actually allow the most important theme of this book to be featured in their paper, because it is actually not something that many people would want to read about. The evil that is intrinsic to our very nature is the central theme of this text, and this is explored in the ways that the behaviour of the boys gradually becomes worse and worse as a result of being isolated and left to their own devices on the island away from any restricting forces of society. This strongly suggests therefore that mankind is only civilised because of the veneer of society that provides us with a structure to keep our evil nature in check. When that is removed, our evil natures reveal themselves, with horrific consequences.

A newspaper article might focus on the sensationalist nature of the story, and the way that boys killed other boys cruelly and developed a system of power where leadership was seized by the few and the rest were treated as servants or slaves. However, I doubt it would really explore the theme to its full extent by focusing on the implications for both the journalist and the reader, and indeed for all humanity.

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