What are the best films (short or otherwise) that convey a moral Christian value?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Amazing Grace" is the story of William Wilberforce's attempts to abolish the slave trade in Britain.  It works as a historical documentary, but it also shows the value and power of a deeply religious and faithful Christian.

"The Mission" is also equal parts historical documentary about the Jesuit missions in South America and Christian themes of forgiveness, redemption, persecution, and devotion. 

"Bruce Almighty" is another example. Yep, I was super skeptical of this one when it came out, but the Christian message is spot on.  When God says "I Am and you are not. Learn to trust in Me and Me alone," it perfectly embodies solid Biblical teachings.

In "To Kill a Mockingbird," Atticus Finch is a great morality teacher to his community and to his children.  Atticus shows through his words and actions exactly how a person should treat another person, regardless of race or belief. There are some great church scenes as well, for example when Revered Sykes asks his congregation to financialy support Tom Robinson's family. 

The "Chronicles of Narnia" movies are an easy choice.  The books were penned by C.S. Lewis, whose faith and devotion to Christianity is practically legendary.  The books were written to parallel a lot of Bible stories, themes, and characters.  Aslan is often regarded as an allegorical Christ figure.  He saves the kids by offering up his own life and is resurrected in body and spirit to finally defeat evil.  

jssomers4 | Student

There is a rising number of Christian movies now. Not to grab the mainstream ones like the media is trying to do here is a short list that I personally have found to be beneficial to all audiences.

"What If ..." With Kevin Sorbo.

"The Blind Side"

"Soul Surfer"

"The Last Song" with (young Miley Cyrus)

Also Sherwood Pictures has it as their mission to produce nothing but movies that give a Christian moral message: "Flywheel" "Courageous" "Facing the Giants" "Fireproof" and they are working on more yet.