illustrated portrait of American author of gothic fiction Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

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What is the best research problem based on the poetry by Edgar Allan Poe?  

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There are many different research topics one could exam for a paper written on Edgar Allan Poe.

1. How did Edgar Allan Poe's mental instability influence his poetry?

2. Who influenced the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe?

3. What common themes did Edgar Allan Poe focus on in his poetry?

4. How did Edgar Allan Poe's use of symbolism impact his poetry?

5. What affect did Edgar Allan Poe's use of mood have on reader's understanding of his poetry.

6. How did Edgar Allan Poe's tumultuous past impact his poetry?

7. How did Edgar Allan Poe's early poetry differ from poetry from his later years?

8. How do the speakers in Edgar Allan Poe's poetry resemble each other? How do they differ?

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