What are the best quotes from O-lan showing how she is a good person, or quotes that show her character.

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O-lan is certainly a good person, to say the least.  She is kind, considerate, self-sacrificing and hard working.  To the best of my knowledge, there is not one incident in the novel that tells of a selfish or thoughtless side of O-lan; she even fails to really protest when she gives over the jewels she has treasured for so long.  There are many passages and quotes that reveal O-lan's generous and giving characteristics.

...The woman, when he had gone in the morning, took the bamboo rake and a length of rope and with these she roamed the countryside, reaping here a bit of grass and there a twig or a handful of leaves, returning at noon with enough to cook the dinner.  It pleased the man that they need buy no more fuel.

In the afternoon she took a...

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