What it the best question to ask in Brave New World? I'm doing an essay for Brave New World - Aldous Huxleyand i need to develop a question that i can research about.For example : Why do humans beings go to great lengths to ensure their survival? (Book: Brave New World)so i need your help to think of another question then other one  that i just gave you an example of

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The questions you might ask could relate to the undesirability of the society depicted in the novel. Brave New World has been considered a dystopia by nearly all readers and by its author (as Huxley makes clear in his later book Brave New World Revisited), but a few devils' advocates might argue that many of the problems and tragedies of our own time, and of all of human history, have been eliminated in Huxley's future world and that much of this prophecy has already come true in our own time. Though fortunately no one is now (at least, we hope no one is) contemplating a genetically engineered caste system like the one in the novel, one could argue that the use of Prozac-like drugs such as soma, as well as the sexual freedom of Huxley's fable, are already a reality. What, if anything, distinguishes these specific elements of this future world from our own time?

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I like the question that you have posed, but I am not completely clear on what you need -- are you doing research within Brave New World or in other books but about Brave New World?

To me, the most interesting question is related to the one that you ask.  I would ask "in what ways does the society in this book protect itself?"  This is assuming that your research is supposed to be within the book itself.

If you ask this question, you can look at all the different things the society does and you can talk about why each of those would protect the society.

Another good question is suggested by (and outlined in) the second link below.  It asks why John the Savage is such an important character in the book -- why is it so important to have him be part of both the "civilized" and the "savage" cultures?

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