What is the best part of "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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It's hard to argue that Zaroff's hunt of Rainsford isn't the most exciting part of "The Most Dangerous Game." However, I've always enjoyed the final scenes of the short story when Zaroff dines on what will be his final meal before being surprised by the still very-much-alive Rainsford in the bedroom. It's a great ending to the tale, and the author wisely does not continue with the description of Rainsford's disposal of Zaroff. It allows the reader to wonder about Zaroff's final moments. Does Rainsford hunt him down in the same way the Cossack pursued his prey? Or does Rainsford merely kill Zaroff in the bedroom? The reader is given the opportunity to fantasize about Zaroff's end, leaving a bit of mystery to the finale as Rainsford settles down for his well-deserved sleep.

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This is, of course, only an opinion, but I think that the best part of this story is the part where Rainsford is out on the island being hunted by Zaroff and the dogs.  I think that this is the best part because it is the part with the most suspense.  It is also the most interesting because it is the part where Rainsford is doing everything he can to survive.

When I first read this story (I was maybe 10), I was attracted to this part because of how intelligent and cunning Rainsford is.  He figures out ways to evade and actually even to harm Zaroff even though he is the prey and not the hunter.  It was very attractive because it was a suspenseful part where Rainsford struggled against the odds.  That is why I liked that part best.

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