What is the best cure for cough?

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First, if you have a serious or persistent medical condition, you should consult a health care professional. While the internet can offer home remedies for the sort of minor, occasional self-resolving issues like a cough brought on after giving lectures or long aeroplane flights, any severe cough or condition that persists for more than a few days requires professional care.

If this is a teaching issue – that you get hoarse when you are lecturing to large classes – there are a few tricks experienced lecturers use.

First, drink water or hot tea. Don`t be afraid of short pauses; they allow students to catch up on note taking. Make sure to stay well hydrated before and after class as well.

Learn to project properly so that you are producing your voice from your chest rather than straining your throat. People in the theatre department can help you learn this technique.

Use a microphone if you do not know how to project.

Ask students to be quiet. I`ve found that simply stopping, walking up to, and looking at the offending chatterers and waiting for them to be quiet is effective.

Over the counter cough drops or hard candies can help.

And – if you smoke, quit.


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A few tips for coughing -

When I get a nasty sore throat or cough, I like to have a honey and lemon green tea drink. Honey soothens the throat, and lemon kills off some of the bacteria. It is also recommended to have plenty of water with no added supplements, so no cordial or extra flavourings.

If your cough is severe, see a doctor or your general practitioner. You can tell if it's really bad by checking if you're coughing up blood, your coughs are extremely frequent or are causing pain anywhere in your body.

Having cough lollies are up to you, but remember that there are additives in them for colouring and flavouring. Some people find them helpful, others useless. It's up to you to try them and then decide from there.

I hope you get better!

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Some of the home remedies good for cough are as follows:-

  1. Apply Balm on your planter side of feet and wear socks
  2. Take a teaspoon of honey, add few drops of ginger syrup, take it.
  3. Take honey
  4. Drink few drops of ginger syrup
  5. Add lemon and salt in warm water, drink it
  6. And for cough syrups you should consult a doctor....
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Thank you guys!...

....  M goin to use your help next time I got cough, ..

God bless:#