In Brave New World, what is Bernard Marx's attitude towards the World State?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bernard Marx's attitude towards the World State is very negative -- he hates the expectations that his society has for him.  For example, we know that he does not like the casual sex in their society and we see that he is very ill at ease during the Solidarity Services.  He does not like the rules of the society and that makes him have a very negative attitude towards the society and the government that controls it.

It is not completely clear why Bernard feels this way.  However, it seems likely that his attitude is caused in part by his size.  He is smaller (shorter and skinnier) than the typical Alpha.  He looks more like a lower caste person.  This might make him resent the World State in general because he feels like he does not fit in.

It's also important to realize, however, that Bernard wants to be part of the society.  When he brings John back to England, Bernard becomes a major celebrity.  When this happens, he tries to take advantage of it and lives according to the rules of the society -- sex with lots of women, hanging out with the important people, etc.

So Bernard has a very negative attitude, but it seems that it might be partly because society has rejected him.  He seems to want to become part of the society if he can find a way to make society accept him.

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