What is Benjamin' s opinion of the windmill and how does Squealer try to undermine Snowball in Animal Farm?

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Benjamin never expresses optimism about the rebellion or any of the pigs’ attempts to industrialize the farm. Benjamin’s comments are always somewhat cynical and depressing. Although other animals believe that the windmill may actually be used to improve their quality of life by providing electricity to their stalls, Benjamin believes that life will continue on badly whether the windmill is built or not. Unfortunately, Benjamin’s pessimistic viewpoints are among the most accurate predictions made by any animal on the farm. As we later see, the windmill is simply used for the pigs to profit by milling corn.

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Old Benjamin had very little to say about the windmill being built on Animal Farm. He "refused to grow enthusiastic," but his only remarks were "cryptic" ones about the long lives of donkeys.

Squealer, meanwhile, was making sure that Snowball would never be ever to return to Animal Farm. Squealer claimed that Snowball "had sold himself" to the rival farms, who were now plotting to overthrow the animals with an attack on the farm. Snowball had always been in league with Jones, Squealer said, and had been serving as the owner's secret agent. Documents had been discovered to prove Snowball's deceit, Squealer claimed. 

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