Looking at "Information to Those Who Would Remove to America," what is Benjamin Franklin's vision of the United States?

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Benjamin Franklin's "Information to Those Who Would Remove to America" was written to correct the misconceptions of Europeans who viewed the nascent United States in a certain light and to encourage a certain class of immigrant to come to the new country.

It is useful to understand the context of when this was written. The Continental Army had recently won a decisive victory over British forces, and it was clear to most Europeans that a new nation was being established. Franklin was sent to France to take part in peace negotiations with Great Britain. A number of wealthy and aristocratic Europeans expressed interest in moving to America where they hoped their wealth and station would afford them with power and a leisurely lifestyle. Franklin penned this response in an effort to dissuade them.

In this piece, Franklin writes that:

The Truth is, that tho' there are in that Country few People so miserable as the Poor of Europe, there are also very few that in Europe would be called rich: it...

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