What were the benefits of World War I and who benefited from it?

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There were benefits of World War I. The Allies were able to fight and defeat countries that didn’t elect their leaders democratically. While it didn’t make the world safer for democracy in the long run, it did accomplish this in the short term. Our businesses benefited from World War I. Wars tend to help the economy because many people are working making things for the war effort. Businesses tend to make money during times of war. Another benefit from World War I was the breaking up of some empires. This allowed people to be ruled by their own ethnic group in what is known as self-determination. For example, Polish people now ruled the people of Poland. After World War I ended, there was a place a country could take its disputes to try to resolve them peacefully. The League of Nations was created to allow for this to happen. There were some benefits of fighting World War I.

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