What are the benefits of using a one-group pretest-posttest design employing a non-probability sampling method for testing participants experiencing the same support-group service?

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Quasi-experimental design is a research method that uses statistical controls as opposed to physical controls in an experiment. A statistical control is a variable used to test relationships between other variables in a social sciences study; it can also be called the control variable or the test variable. A difficulty in social sciences arises because human behavior is so complex that often we need to take into account three or more variables at a time, not just two variables as in the traditional scientific method of study. We call the need to test multiple variables multivariate analysis. Using a control variable in multivariate analysis allows us to see whether or not there is a relationship between variables, to see "how or why these variables are related," and to see if the relationship between variables holds for different people ("Chapter 3--Introducing a Control Variable (Multivariate Analysis)," Social Science Research & Instructional Center). The Dictionary of Sociology (1998)...

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