What are the benefits of studying poetry?

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This is a great question! There are definitely many benefits to studying poetry for many groups of people. Here are some:

1) Language learners can greatly benefit from a concentrated immersion in poetry. As poetry emphasizes rhythm and stress patterns, many ESL (English as a Second Language) learners can hone their pronunciation skills by reading poems aloud. Reading-aloud sessions can provide the requisite practice to increase the confidence of language learners.

Additionally, in studying poetry, language learners and other students can begin to appreciate and discover the history behind the poems they read. For example, Shakespearean poems provide a wide context from which to discuss relevant topics such as gender relations, human sexuality, and cultural norms during the Elizabethan era.

The Elizabethan era, as we all know, heralded the golden age of the Renaissance as well as the new age of English exploration and expansion. Therefore, an appreciation of the historical context of the...

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