What are the benefits of seed dispersal?  

william1941 | Student

Seed dispersal is essential for plants as it improves the chances of the seeds being able to grow to the adult stage.

Predators target areas which have a high concentration of seeds as they have to spend a lesser amount of time and energy. By dispersing their seeds plants ensure that the number of seeds available for predators to eat right below the parent plant is lesser.

Also, a small plant that grows under the parent plant is denied access to sunlight and nutrients in the right amount. Seed dispersal is an attempt to find better conditions for the plants to grow. Seed dispersal is also a means of colonization of new regions which may not have been inhabited by the plant earlier and which offer good conditions for growth and development.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Seed dispersal refers to the process of scattering of seeds away from a parent plant to a wider area. The process of seed dispersal increases the probability that the seeds will fall in area suitable for the survival and growth of the plant. In this way seed dispersal aids in spreading and survival of different species of plant. Seed dispersal also helps in increasing the area over which a particular type of plants may be found. Without the process of seed dispersal, new plants of a species will grow only in places where plants of that species already exist. In this way any one species of plant will grow in a very limited area. In this way seed dispersal results in diversity of vegetation in any given location, as well as availability of a species plant in many widely dispersed areas.