What were the benefits of imperialism in terms of social-cultural factors, economic factors, and political factors?

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Imperialism, rather than colonization, became the preferred method for Europeans to control other countries in the nineteenth century. Imperialism and colonialism are related concepts, but colonialism is characterized by large waves of settlement by people of European descent, such as happened in the American colonies and Australia. In colonialism, the emphasis is on displacing native peoples to make room for an influx of Europeans who plan to settle there forever.

Imperialism focuses on controlling the government and the economy of the weaker nation without a huge influx of permanent settlement. Native peoples are left in place, and those lesser numbers who come often arrive as administrators, many planning only to stay a certain number of years.

The economic benefits of imperialism, factors that drove the race for Africa in the late nineteenth century, could be significant. First, places such as Africa had raw materials like rubber that were increasingly attractive to European...

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