What are the benefits for a hospitality establishment and their customers of using seasonal commodities.

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many benefits that can be drawn out of consuming seasonal commodities. Seasonal commodities are the products most broadly produced by nature in specific times of the year. They are classified into five categories:

  • livestock
  • grains
  • energy (as in gasoline, crude oil, etc)
  • metals
  • softs (sugar, cocoa, et al)

Hospitality establishments are businesses who establish partnerships with farmers, and other traders of these very commodities in order to move these items in the market. Hence, the benefits of these trades involve:

  • the speedy use and consumption of products that MUST be consumed or else they will go to waste
  • the speed with which the products will continue to move in the market as they are consumed; the more they are consumed the more they can be sold, put to use, and clear the soil for the next season.
  • the growth in trending in the market- these products need to demonstrate their worth so that the business partnerships between hospitality and commodities can continue to flourish
  • jobs are created as a result of demand: farmhands, salespeople, drivers, cooks, waiters, cashiers- a myriad of jobs are created to meet the demands of the market
  • the economy benefits from a solid, dynamic market which is doing what it is meant to do: to keep moving. 

Perhaps the biggest of all benefits is the ability to predict your business based on the cycle of the commodities. For example, the slaughter season for cattle is May-August. Therefore, the restaurant industry can plan as far as 15 years ahead what to offer its consumers based on what the cattle industry will offer them. The same thing occurs with grains, which are usually planted in May and harvested in September. This pattern makes it way easier for all parties involved to discern the dynamics of the business as far as to when to get what and how to put it to use to a way that benefits everyone involved. 

Since nature is mainly in charge of these seasonal commodities, understanding it and becoming involved with it ultimately will be the deciding success factor.