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What are the benefits to expanding your world view to include a knowledge of other cultures?

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There are two main benefits to expanding your world view in this way.  One of them is practical and the other is more a matter of personal growth.

On the practical level, we are living in a multicultural world today.  Most of us live in places where there are people from diverse cultures.  If we go to college, we will certainly meet people from other cultures.  When we start in on our working careers, we are likely to work with people from other cultures.  In our multicultural society and in today’s globalized world, we cannot avoid people from other cultures.  If we expand our world view to include a knowledge of other cultures, we will be more likely to interact successfully with these people.

On the less practical level, expanding your world view is simply good for you.  Being aware of more cultures and more ideas makes us more well-rounded as human beings.  It helps us to understand our fellow human beings.  It helps us to be more aware of the nature of our own culture and of our own biases and attitudes.  It helps us learn not to take for granted that our own way is the best way.

Thus, learning more about other cultures can help us in both practical and personal ways.

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