What benefits does one get from getting the Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies in college?

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There are many benefits in getting a Bachelor of Arts in legal studies. Let me name a few of them.

First, you have a degree from a college. This alone is an important step. As you might know, many people are in fields that they did not intend and certainly did not reflect their undergraduate majors. In light of this, the degree might be more important than the subject matter.

Second, a degree is legal studies is also important in terms of content, especially if you are going into law or a field related to law. Getting a head start in college is a huge benefit. Moreover, it can help you get into a graduate program in law or law school.

Third, studying law is a great way of developing your mind. The intricacies of the law requires a lot of critical thinking.

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“The Legal Studies major is an interdisciplinary course of study that combines the theories and methods of several social science disciplines and of law”.  The Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies is not a pre-law program.  Rather, this program of study will help you “develop an understanding of the nature, content, and operation of American law and legal institutions”.  A degree in legal studies will equip you with the knowledge to “work in law related fields of insurance, social security, social services”.  You will be qualified to pursue a career in fields where you can utilize your legal expertise.