What are benefits and drawbacks of traveling in your own country as opposed to traveling abroad?

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a wise saying that “People do the same thing for different reasons.” This truism is helpful in determining the benefits and drawbacks of any kind of travel. What are your reasons for traveling? If comfort and immediate gratification are high on your list, domestic travel avoids or mitigates the foreign travel inconveniences of long flights, potential language barriers, unfamiliar social customs, and financial burdens. You can enjoy the mobility and convenience of a personal car, for example, and your schedule can be flexible and altered on a whim. Foreign travel usually requires a lot of planning, preparation, and scheduling – visas may be needed in addition to passports and currency often has to be exchanged. On the other hand, foreign travel gives one a more universal view of what the world is like, broadens one’s understanding of human nature, and prepares one for a global worldview and economy. If one of your strongest motivations is to get to know your own environment, you may want to travel in your own country to visit relatives or see national sites such as parks and museums.