what is Ben jonson's view or outlook of life in Volpone?

chelle315 | Student

In order to fully anser this question you can consider a few different aspects of Ben Jonson's life, and the play itself.

  • Ben Jonson was the son of a clergyman, who was raised by a bricklayer. He was part of the educated middle-class, but he spent his time and energy on engaging with the royal court, both for social reasons and for patronage.
  • Volpone is satire, written in the tradition of the italitan comedie Commedia Dell'arte. most of the characters in Volpone can fit into the categories of stock characters used in in the Commedia (Master, Servant, lover, clown.)


  • Jonson sets the play in Venice, rather than London, because taking the nobles, servants and fools out of London and placing them in the "corrupt" setting of Italy allows Jonson more license to poke fun at the noble and rising middle class characters without upsetting the Church of England, or his noble English patrons.

Any of these would m ake good jumping off points for thinking about how Jonson demonstrated his social outlook in Volpone