What behaviours and indicators do future entrepreneurs have?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Not all future entrepreneurs exhibit the same sorts of indicators or behaviors that show clearly that they will become entrepreneurs.  However, there are some indicators and behaviors that we can say will generally need to be seen if a person is to become an entrepreneur.

Perhaps the most important indicator is that the person works hard.  It is very rare for a lazy person or an unmotivated person to become a successful entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs need to be very diligent and so we should expect that only people who seem to be diligent are likely to be entrepreneurs in the future.

Entrepreneurs often need to have good people skills.  They need to be able to communicate well with others so that they can sell their ideas.  They have to persuade others to invest in their companies and to buy their products.  Therefore, we can expect that people who are good at communicating might be able to be entrepreneurs in the future.

Finally, we would expect that those people who think “outside the box” might become entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs need to be willing to take risks.  If they simply go with whatever is easiest, they are not likely to become entrepreneurs.  Instead, they have to be willing to think and act in unconventional ways.

All of these are potential signs of a future entrepreneur.