In Fahrenheit 451, what is the beetle? Please describe it as accurately as possible.

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A beetle is a car in Fahrenheit 451. It is described as a vehicle that hovers over the ground and moves at intensely fast speeds. It is described as a specific car in the chapter entitled "Burning Bright", the car of the police:

The beetle was rushing. The beetle was roaring. The beetle raised its speed. The beetle was whining. The beetle was in high thunder. The beetle came skimming. The beetle came in a single whistling trajectory, fired from an invisible rifle. It was up to 120 m.p.h. It was up to 130 at least. Montag clamped his jaws. The heat of the racing headlights burnt his cheeks, it seemed, and jittered his eye-lids and flushed the sour sweat out all over his body.

This was occuring as Montag was being chased. The beetle moved so fast that noises accompanied its presence. The beetle was in pursuit of its prey and it was not about to give up.

Another important feature about the beetle is that it is the same type of car that sounds like it might have taken out Clarisse. The beetle seemed as if it could see anything even though it was traveling at fast speeds.


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