What are the similarities and differences of Beatrice and Benedick's characteristics as shown in Act 1 of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing ?

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In the early acts of the play, both Beatrice and Benedick can be described as two characters who love to hate each other. Both characters are very similar and it is their similarities that make them want to hate each other.

One similarity is that both Beatrice and Benedick love to make witty jokes. In fact, both characters constantly try to outwit each other. We especially learn this when we see Leonato tell the messenger reporting the prince's safe return from the war not to misunderstand Beatrice as, even though Benedick is acknowledged to be an admirable man, Beatrice loves to insult him because they love matching wits, as we see in Leonato's lines:

You must not, my lord, mistake my niece. There is a kind of merry war...

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