What is the basic theme of 1984?I would like to know the view of people on the theme of this book. Totalitarian government. The relevance of his predictions in todays world.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, the major purpose of this book is to explore how it is that totalitarian governments can come to dominate their people's lives so completely.
In the book, Orwell explores the ways in which the Party is able to keep its power.  He shows how important it is for the Party to control what people know about the present and about the past.  He shows how important it is for the Party to control the ways in which people speak.  I believe that this is the main theme -- all the ways in which the totalitarian government keeps control.

As far as the relevance for today, I do not believe that we in the United States, at least, are getting closer to having a totalitarian government.  I cannot really speak for other countries.  Here in the US, there are so many ways for us to get information that the government does not control.  This will make it very hard for the government to exert the kind of control over us that the Party exerts in this book.