what is the basic story of Rites of passage, in 7/8 bullet points?simple bulletpoints, just about what happens.

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In Golding's narrative Talbot,  the protagonist sails from  England to Australia .

1.Rites of Passage  explores the growth of Edmund Talbot ,a young man ;from immaturity to maturity.

2. On coming across a variety of characters ,Talbot is led by class prejudice which he later realizes  can be misleading. Then Talbot begins to question his  hypocrtical  relationship  with various people like Zenobia , Lieutenant Cumbershum etc .

3. Meanwhile the shock of Colley's death shakes him out of his complacent existence.Talbot feels that he in a way is responsible for the formers death and probes into the matter.

4.It is then that he is shaken by disgust at how  sadistic men  are. The need to be accepted led Colley  into behaving wildly on the deck and was in a state of drunkenness; followed by the incident with Billy Rogers which compelled Colley to starve himself to death.

5.Talbot discovers the truth in Colley's journal and tries to dole out justice .

6.Overcoming his initial dislike for Colley he seeks to punish the culprits  .

7.Golding examines various evils prevailing in the society.  a. Rigid class boundaries:-With the help of Talbot , Captain    Anderson ,Lieutenant Deverel  and Mr Brocklebank the author shows the  typically upper class  condescending attitude towards the other members on board . b. Colley, the clergyman's maltreatment and loneliness c.Sin and redemption  .

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