What is the basic message of the book of Genesis?

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The essential message of Genesis is that God created the earth and gave it to man, who he made in his image, to rule. Repeatedly, however, the reader sees that man falls short of God's expectations and is punished accordingly, particularly in the Fall in the Garden of Eden and in the case of the Noahic flood. Yet despite man's repeated failures, God renews his covenant with him, in the case of Noah, as well as, most significantly, with Abraham. So the essential message of Genesis is the covenant between God and his creation, man, and more specifically, the descendents of Abraham. This covenant is consistently renewed despite man's inherent unworthiness.  

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The book of Genesis has a special message: God created the origins of the world and man itself. It is from this creation that God has a special relationship with man, and in Genesis specifically, the early Israelites. God spoke to people throughout the first few chapters, then sparingly in the later chapters, then more directly again. This is to reveal that God is always present, whether directly or indirectly, his presence should never be forgotten. Whether man is a failed creation of God is open to interpretation, but many scholars believe that to be a narrow interpretation of the broader message that God is, was, and always will be, in one form or another. When the book was actually written, it of course spoke to people in a common language that people could easily understand, similar to other great works of literature as the Iliad and The Odyssey. This does not underscore the immense powerful religious implications of the book; it can be studied on so many different levels that it is truly one of the great books that have changed the lives of individuals, peoples, and perhaps nations as well.

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In Genesis 1:26 and 1:27 GOD said that He created us in his own image.  This mirror of his image was broken by sin.  The sin was disobedience to the natural order, the created hierarchy due to the fact we were created by GOD and therefore are totally His just like anything a man creates he assumes utter control over.  Because of the man and woman's sin they were punished.  This punishment continues today.  Men are still expected and have a born desire to work even though work is hard and women are born with a spirit to submit and this creates hardship also.

This section [Genesis 1:26-3:19] is the main body of Genesis and it is heavily leaned on in the New Testament when it comes to men and women's roles and sin. In this section we are introduced to the fact that GOD is in charge and men are given leadership by default.  The "lizard" or serpent is also put in its place.  

Going along with hierarchical order is Genesis 22 where Abraham is asked to sacrifice his son.  Are we to believe that GOD did not know Abraham's heart and therefore had to test him?  Is his test to make GOD feel powerful or loved?  No! GOD does not need men nor does he test them without reason.  Abraham needed to submit so that GOD could submit afterwards and give us His son.

Other than the history of Joseph and his residence in Egypt much of Genesis is about order and punishment for disrupting that order.  It is this cycle of sin and punishment that is contained throughout the Old Testament that Abraham's dilemma solves when CHRIST comes in the New Testament.

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. God made all creation, including man.

. Man disobeys God

. Man is separated from God through sin.

. God chooses himself a people to be holy unto him from the line of Abraham, Issacc and Jacob.

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