The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel Questions and Answers
by Nikos Kazantzakis

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What is the basic hierarchy of the Greek Gods?

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Before there was Zeus and his brothers and sisters, his parents were Gaea and Uranus.  They had the Titans, which were Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia.  Zeus and Hera ruled Olympia and divided the world into parts that the six of them could rule.  Because Zeus was the one who saved them all from their father, he ruled all.  These links should help with details.

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well he was wrong in the beginning there was gaea (earth) and uranus(sky) they gave birth to the 12 titans ,cyclopses and more........... the titans were     oceanus,chronus,rhea,tethys,hyperion,theia,coeus,phobe,chronus,mnesmyne,thems,laeptis, and crius they were huge and perfect in every way

well after they had the cyclopses uranus was disquesded so he locke them in tartaurus (hell)


gaea said to the titans kill ur dad all said no but the yougest (and strongest) chronus gaea says take this (a sythe) and end ur dads cruelty

he killed him

chronus ruled the world his mom said a child of yours will overthrow you

so every time his wife and sister (eww) rhea had a kid he ate him or her

all untill the youngest zeus was born rhea got pissed and hid zeus in  a cave to be tended to by naids

wen chronus asked for zeus she gave him a rock in baby clothes he ate it noth thinking twice

wen zeus grew stronger he gave cronus a sick potion and he spit up he siblings


a war between olympians and titans happened olympians won



zeus posiedon hades at the top all other siblings below them and children below them