What are some barriers that may impede effective interaction among the personnel working in the hospital?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As your question suggests, communication in all fields, especially the hospital is essential. There are many barriers to effective communications. However, with a commitment to improve communication, this can be overcome. Let me offer a few of the challenges.

First, the nature of the hospital presents some practical challenges. Health care workers have many patients with different needs, which present a challenge. In addition, Health care workers work very long hours, especially during training, and too often there is a shortage of health care workers. Therefore, in this rush, something health care workers forget to communicate with each other.

Second, dealing with patients with great needs is never easy. It requires mental acuity and emotional support and sensitivity. This is draining.

Finally, the hospital is a busy place where there are many emergencies (literally) all the time. Therefore, to create an effective system of communication will be hard, but it will be essential.