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Located in Indonesia, Banyuwangi is a district located in the easternmost part of Java where the Bali Strait separates Banyuwangi from the island of Bali. It has a distinctive culture influenced by the Javanese, Balinese, and Madurese cultures.

There is a legend that explains how the area once known as Blambangan was renamed Banyuwangi. Radan Banterang, son of the king of Banterang, was a prolific hunter. On one of his hunting adventures, he met Surati, the daughter of king of Klungkung, Bali. As with most legends, the two fell in love and married. They were happy together until Surati’s brother, Rupaksa, found her and told her that her husband was a danger to their father. In turn, Surati’s husband heard that she was a danger to him and decided to kill her. Before he put her to death, she told him that if the water in the river where he was to dispose of her body turned dark and smelly he was right in thinking that she planned to kill him but if it turned clear and fragrant that she was innocent. The water grew clear and fragrant. Regretting his actions, the prince renamed the kingdom Banyuwangi, which means fragrant water.