What does the band's music make Bud think?

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In Chapter 17, Bud hears The Dusky Devastators of the Depression perform for the first time. He compares the band's music to the sound of a harmonious storm. Bud says that Thug's drumming sounds like soft rain falling on a tin roof, and Dirty Deed's piano sounds like drops of water splashing from Niagara Falls. Bud mentions that Jimmy's horn and Steady Eddie's saxophone melodically join in the "storm." Bud describes the sound of Herman Calloway's large fiddle sounding like soft thunder in the distance. Bud has a hard time differentiating which instrument sounds the best because the various sounds blend so perfectly together. He says that it is similar to the smells at the library in the way that can't tell which one is the best. Bud says that Miss Thomas' voice is the "sun busting through thick, gray clouds" (Curtis 202). Bud thinks that Steady Eddie's saxophone sounds like it is having a conversation with Miss Thomas. When the band finishes playing, Bud is in awe and begins clapping.

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