what is the balanced dissociation equation for KCN (s)? what is the name of formula?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

KCN is an ionic compound that dissociates itself upon its addition to the solvent to form a solution. When it is in the solution it forms ions. The balanced dissociation for for KCN  is

KCN --->  K^+1 + CN^-1

The dissociation of 1 mole of KCN forms 1 mole of potassium ion (K^+) and 1 mole of cyanide (CN^-1). The equation is already balanced.

KCN has an IUPAC name of Potassium cyanide which is a water soluble salt that is commonly used for organic reactions. This compound is highly toxic to humans but can be detoxify using hydrogen peroxide.