What Bachelor do I do to become a Pediatrician, (children's doctor)?I am from Sydney, Australia, and I want to be a Pediatrician. What bachelor/s do I do and for how many years does it take? Thanks

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Le's first define what Pediatricians are.So Pediatricians are physicians or medical doctors, who has specialty in caring of children, infants, teenagers and young adults. Furthermore, they usually do some Medical Interventions such as; thorough physical assessment to diagnosis a specific health condition of child's disease, they could also try different sets of tests to verify their diagnosis by using or prescribing such as; Hematology,X-Ray,and etc..followed by a specific treatment from that diagnosed disease. Pediatricians are also allowed to prescribed specific medication that could contribute to child's fast recovery and healing. Like other medical doctors, Pediatricians may work in hospitals, clinics, health care facilities such as Rural Health Unit or Community Health Center.

Undergraduates who are truly prepared to become pediatricians will need to meet a specific units in pre-medical curriculum. This can be done through many varieties of  bachelor's degree programs they may take or study, although some students is free to choose on their desired field on science areas such as  chemistry or biology.

After earning or completing  the bachelor's degree program, aspiring pediatricians should go to medical school o pursue their studying in Medicine that will eventually lead them what specific field they will focus as they will about to undergo to be exposed in different areas of Medical field such as deciding to continue a specialization in an infant, child, teenagers or young adults which can be classified as Medical Doctor or Physician and that is Pediatrician.

Some Medical students typically don't specialize until their third and fourth years, but oftentimes most medical programs offer a pre-clinical pediatric studies in order for the first year and second year students to consider their specific field. But when the students  already attain his/her third year journey to medical field,she will then proceed about series of completion in pediatric clerkships or internships, which has short-term  period of specific months rotations through several  pediatric care settings. When the aspiring student has reach Fourth year as a medical students, he/she may have the chance to complete a more longer period of internships and has to undergo as being an elective student who will be rotating in pediatric fields..

Lastly, students should get their specific pediatric training during the time of their  residencies, which begin after graduating from medical school. Usually aspiring medical students who chose to become wise first go to a pre-med course such as pharmacy and nursing for example, that will then lessened the years of studying. So if you are really willing to pursue medical field as being a Physician like Pediatric it will took 8-10 years before you can achieved your dream, that is actually the reality that had already overcome by many successful Physicians such as Pediatricians.

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