What is the author's message in "Tears of a Tiger" by Sharon M. Draper?AUTHOR'S MESSAGE/theme

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Tears of a Tiger" was originally written to stand alone, but it has become known as part of Sharon Draper's trilogy about "Hazelwood High."  In the other books, two characters are more fully developed. 

In "Tears of a Tiger" the subject of drinking and driving and its negative results are described with graphic detail.  After tragedies, one character commits suicide.  Topics that are, indeed, relevant to teens, this novel is of great interest to many adolescents.  The impact of this novel is also great as Ms. Draper's message, or moral truth, certainly comes through:  The dangers of drinking and driving cause results that cannot be reversed;  lives are lost and others are irrevocably changed.