What is the author's use of language in chapters 20 to 25 of The Kite Runner?Explain the syntax and imagery.

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One feature of the language is the frequent references to Afghan culture, using terms in Farsi and Pashtu that are part of the Afghan tradition. The dialogue and the narration are used in a number of ways to affect the reader. The terms are translated for those who aren't familiar with Farsi and Pashtu, allowing the reader to enjoy a new culture.  

Hosseini also uses interior monologue to allow a character to express his thoughts and feelings. We get to know Amir, and through him, we then get to know more about the Afghan culture.

Most of the imagery and symbolism that occurs in the first part of the book is mirrored in the end of the book. For example, kite contests begin and end the book.

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