What is Audrey feeling towards Touchstone in Act 3 of As You Like It?  What is his feeling toward her?  Explain in full details.   

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that, in this scene, Audrey is showing how she is the "junior partner" in this relationship -- the one who depends on the other.  Critics do not agree on what Touchstone feels.  I think I agree with the ones who say he is only looking at her as a sexual conquest.  I think he sees her as an easy mark because she is so naive.

Audrey is willing to go along with whatever Touchstone says.  If she thinks he wants her to be a virgin, she will claim she is one.  If he wants to postpone their marriage, that's okay too.

Touchstone does not seem to have that much respect for her.  He tells her he wishes she would claim to be a poet, not a virgin, because that would not be such an obvious lie, for example.

roopaksrinivasan | Student

Touchstone-Audrey love-couple is one amoung the four love couples in the story “as you like it”.

Love between Touchstone and Audrey is without romance, idealism, and glamour.

Audrey is ugly, but honest and hence thanks god for making her ugly. Audrey is a simple country girl who lacks intelligence .So she is unable to understand the poetry of Tochstone, and his witty remarks. she ready to stand the comments of touchstone for the reason that if she marries him she would become a city woman.yet she love him.


Touchstone 's is an anti romantic fool. In her very presence, he refers to her as 'a poor virgin, an ill-favoured thing'.Touchstone does not wish to marry her seriously as wants to abandon her when he gets tired of her, after sometime on the pretext of having not been married by a qualified priest. Even before he has married her, he thinks of divorcing her. However Audrey's love for Touchstone is genuine.

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