What is auditory awareness?

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Auditory awareness describes a person's ability to perceive and make sense of what's going on around them through sound. When sound waves hit the ear, these vibrations are communicated to and translated by the brain. An important part of auditory processing is the ability to discriminate between different kinds of sounds in terms of direction, volume, and pattern. Someone who has an auditory processing disorder or is otherwise overwhelmed in their sense of hearing may experience lower auditory awareness because they have a hard time interpreting the sensory stimuli received. 

Our sense of auditory awareness helps us to understand and navigate the world we live in. One of the most important parts of auditory awareness is the part it plays in helping us understand the position of our bodies in relation to other objects. Particularly when something is going on behind us, and therefore out of sight, our sense of hearing can help to "fill in the blanks." 

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