What attributes of a treatment/rehabilitation program in the corrections field are likely to “work”?

Expert Answers

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Key attributes which are needed in a treatment/rehabilitation program in the corrections field reflect several truths about prisoners in corrections.  First of all, the program must be realistic about the truth of true addiction.  The inmate or probationer must really want to be free of the whole drug life style or this won't work.  The addiction is a whole way of life from friends, to using, to making money, to avoiding problems, to forget what is too hard to think about.  The program also must respect the person who is addicted and be willing to encourage, to hold accountable while being respectful in the ways they treat the person.  The last key attribute is to find a way for the person to find and hold a job or complete treatment and find a way to make a legitimate living.  These men and women have families and want to be part of that if they can be a real contributor and earn the respect of their families.  The incredible dedication of professionals who get it and can help is also necessary.