What attitudes toward women are reflected in The Kugelmass Episode?

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On face value, I would say that there is a fairly strong tact taken against women.  Daphne and Emma are both shown to be women who are self- centered and incapable of being able to engage in any critical thought that leads to examination and change in their consciousness.  Yet, I think that Kugelmass represents the same condition.  It seems that the same critique of women that is offered in the work is also offered to men, as well.  The attitudes towards women that are shown are shown towards men.  Allen might not be making a statement about women, but all people.  For Allen, the same condition that impacts Kugelmass, Emma, and Daphne is one that impacts all people.  The construction of small and trivial issues helps individuals to escape the critical questions that define one's sense of being.  Emma does not ask questions as to why she is the way she is, but neither does Kugelmass.  In fact, the only man that might be reflective would be "The Great Persky," who ends up dying.  In this, there is a statement about what it means to be human, a condition in which the lack of reflection is not merely an attitude that women display, but one that men display, also.