What is attitude and what are its components? How is attitude different from behaviour?    With the help of an example, explain attitudinal loyalty and behavioural loyalty.  

gopikrishna | Student

There are three components of attitude.: Cognitive component:It refers that's part of attitude which is related in general know how of a person, for example, he says smoking is injurious to health: Effective component:This part of attitude is related to the statement which affects another person. For example, in an organization a personal report is given to the general manager. In report he point out that the sale staff is not performing their due responsibilities.: Behavioral Component:The behavioral component refers to that part of attitude which reflects the intension of a person in short run or in long run.

Attitude and behavior are two quite different things. Attitude is a person's inner thoughts and feelings, while behavior is usually an outward expression of attitude, but the two are not always related. For instance, psychopaths are people whose attitudes are composed of low morality. However, this does not mean that they always commit immoral acts. Psychopaths are usually intelligent, so they know that even though there will be no moral consequences for them, there will still be legal consequences to deal with. This knowledge, in addition to their attitude, governs their behavior. When a person's attitude and behavior differ, dissonance will likely result, and a change in attitude or behavior will be the probable outcome.

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