What is the attitude of Thomas Jefferson  toward the majority? 

Expert Answers
pnhancock eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Thomas Jefferson supported a democratic state that made decisions on the basis of majority rule voting by its citizens, and opposed the concept of minority rule as tyrannical. Jefferson argued that a majority vote should be treated as unanimous rule, because dividing decision-making abilities between different groups within a society would fracture it to the point of not existing as a single nation. However, Jefferson also felt it was important to protect the rights of minorities; decisions made by the majority that denied minority groups their access to equal rights were invalid decisions and could not be enforced by law. Ultimately, Jefferson argued for a democratic system of government based on majority-rule voting, and felt that any decision made by the majority and which didn't violate the rights of minorities should be made law. The role of the minority would be to accept and conform to the ruling of the majority.

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