What is the attitude of the Ramayana towards family?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Ramayana is a series of complex mythlogical stories told in the form of one epic poem. The Ramayana depicts values of familial loyalty, trustworthiness, and filial piety.

Prince Lakshman demonstrates familial loyalty when he chooses to leave the luxurious wealth of royalty and accompany his brother on a difficult journey: a journey entailing eight years of poverty, wandering, and alms begging. Later, the beloved and pious monarch Lord Bharat shows himself to be completely trustworthy and honest. When Bharat learns that he is not the rightful heir to the throne, he sacrifices his royal office and goes on an arduous quest to locate the rightful Lord.

In the Ramayana, it's not only elderly kings or statesmen that demonstrate such values. Throughout the tale, young princes and monks petition their parents for permission to wander. These young people show strong filial piety by waiting for their parents permission--permission which is often not granted until months or even years after being requested.