What are Atticus's views on religion in To Kill a Mockingbird? Could you possibly give me some page numbers, too?

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I assume that Atticus is a regular church-goer (it is described by Scout as Maycomb's "leading recreation"), but his attendance is rarely mentioned in To Kill a Mockingbird. The Finches all attend the local Methodist church, since they are longtime Methodists, dating back to family founder Simon Finch (see Chapter 1). We can assume that they attend the Maycomb Alabama Methodist Episcopal Church South, since that is the home of the Missionary Circle of which Aunt Alexandra is a member (see Chapter 24). Jem is disappointed when Atticus doesn't go out for the Methodist football team, who were playing against the Baptists, and they end up watching the game from the sidelines (see Chapter 10). Atticus is mentioned attending service just before the Tom Robinson trial begins (see Chapter 15), and we know he is a God-fearing man since he often invokes the Lord's Name during his summation, ending with his plea to the jury:

"In the name of God, do your duty... In the name of God, believe him." (Chapter 20)