What attacks Brian as he stands in the lake? Why does it attack him?

Expert Answers
teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As Brian stands in the lake, a moose rushes him and throws him out into the water. The moose then charges a second time and pushes Brian down into the bottom of the lake.

When Brian is able to resurface, he sees the moose calming chewing on a lily pad root not ten feet away from him. The female moose ignores Brian as long as he is not moving from his position. However, she soon becomes agitated when she sees Brian attempt to emerge from the lake water.

The moose charges Brian again, and this time, she pushes him down into the water with her head and hooves, badly injuring Brian in the process. It is at this point that Brian realizes the moose feels intimidated and vulnerable in his presence. The moose's antagonistic stance is a reaction to what she sees as a perceived threat. When Brian realizes this, he refrains from making sudden movements; instead, he slowly inches his way out of the water and crawls to some nearby brush. Eventually, the moose makes her way out of the deeper water and walks away along the shallow shore line.